Our game season is March 31st- May 23rd, your practices can be held as soon as the weather breaks. For u8 I would say practices should be  an hour, u10-u14 can be anywhere from 1.5-2hrs long.  You are responsible for lining your field, and should contact me to get a painter BEFORE you plan to paint so that I can get you the painter/paint. get in touch with the other coaches sharing your field and work together.
   Scheduling meeting is March 22nd where you will need to be present. If you can't be there please get me your availability and we will schedule your games for you. Also, don't forget you will need to get me your first 3 practice dates ASAP, so that I can make plans to coming to do the footskill/practice layout.
   We will have u12/u14 field at the HS and at Carroll, u6 at the high school, and u8/u10 at Carroll.
    Coaches for U8-U14 age groups are responsible for reserving referees for your home games. Please see the Referee list below for contact information.

SAY Volunteer Application/ChoicePoint Form


Spring 2016 Coaches List


Brandi Richards. 419-559-8906
Loren Torres. 419-559-4255
Eric Nycz. 419-308-6360
Carrie Meyer 419-603-0281

Nate Gaines 419-707-1074 


Nikki Tabbert. 419-707-9370
Brian Hall. 419-707-3229

Amy Holcomb 419-262-6254 

 Meegan Kaiser. 520-954-0137
Nichole Gradel. 419-349-7839

 Meegan Kaiser 520-954-0137
Jeff Sorg. 419-341-3258

Erin Schmidt 419-340-6541 

 Stephanie Aldrich 419-905-8272

 Jim Baumgartner 419-679-6341

 LeighAnn Martinez 419-707-2243

Cameron Loth 419-346-9473 


Daniel Martinez 419-707-9914