The Oak Harbor Soccer League provides a great recreation soccer program to help children learn and excel in the Benton, Salem and Carroll school districts!


If you are interested in being an officer for the upcoming  2-year term, please be sure to attend the upcoming meeting. Date to be announced soon!

The Oak Harbor Soccer League elects its officer at the annual meeting. The term of all elected members shall be two (2) years - January to December of each calendar year.

Oak harbor Soccer 2015 Board

President - Adam Blank
Vice President - Beth Barton
Secretary - Leigh Ann Martinez
Treasurer -Cindy Stevens
Referee Coordinator -Beth Barton

The Oak Harbor Soocer League is a proud member of the East Suburban Soccer League who is affiliated with the national organization of The Soccer Association for Youth (SAY). It is their philosophy to provide an organization, within which children can learn and play soccer. The East Suburban Soccer League provides recreational soccer to children of any skill level. There are no try outs and all players play at least 50% of each game. One major goal is for all participants, players, coaches and spectators to have fun. Please remember the East Suburban Soccer League has a “0” tolerance policy in regards to language, fighting and un-sportsman like conduct. All Participants, including parents, are urged to display good sportsmanship and remember that in the East Suburban Soccer Leagues, We play soccer “for the fun of it.” The East Suburban Soccer League Board meets the 2nd Wed of each month at the Salem Twp Hall.The East Suburban Soccer League is made up of all volunteers, if you would like to volunteer or need more information please feel free to contact any Board Member or your District Rep.

You may learn more about the East Suburban Soccer League by visiting their web site at: